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About Us

Site WorkNortheast Soils & Sitework began doing business over 30 years ago following the 1982 layoff of owner Mike Faulkner from his position as a Machine Assembler at Kingsbury Corporation located in Keene, NH.

“I had an old back hoe and truck that I intended for use in building my own home. To my surprise, people passing by would stop, seeing the machinery, and say "hey, do you do site work?" So I thought to myself, why not? I had previously worked at a Civil and sanitary engineering firm in Keene, drawing plans, doing field work, and doing some design work as well. I had always thought that it would be interesting to install some of the things I had designed, and this was my chance. That is how I started.

Since that time we have served many hundreds of satisfied clients.

Our Philosophy

We want our clients to be happy with the cost of their project, and confident about the value of the services we will be providing. Toward that end we provide every client with a detailed contract explaining everything they will be receiving, and what to expect upon project completion.

Different clients have different needs, criteria, and expectations. For that reason we will work with you to mold our services to your unique needs, and exceed your expectations, whatever they may be. We will also take the time to ensure our clients understand the criteria and legal ramifications of any state laws that may apply to their project. The result is client satisfaction, in addition to a legally safe project result.

Fully Insured

 We are fully insured and that is important because should there be an injury on the job and the contractor were not insured, you the client, could be sued by the injured party! For that reason hiring a contractor without insurance is a huge, and unnecessary risk. We would not dare go without it and neither should you.

After Work!

I enjoy antique cars mostly from the late sixties and early seventies; the old muscle cars! I own several that I am currently in the process of restoring when time permits. But my passion is riding my Harley, which I do whenever I get time in the summer. I also volunteer at the Mondanock Humane Society, working on projects contributing to the health and welfare of the animals and staff.


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